dan keith williams

[Race. Black Men’s Identity. Culture] 

This project artistically explores the “black men’s identity, experience in American culture and how both have been and continue to be suppressed and manipulated to suit other narratives.”


Anyone who comes from a community where black men are a part of the fabric can attest, times haven’t changed significantly in four decades gone. How is the possible? Is there a simple answer? I don’t believe so, but it’s clear that in order for this suppression of humanity to continue to fester, it’s clearly a systematic strategy that benefits the status quo.


The color of someone’s skin. Why does it matter? Repeat the question and allow it to sink in.


This project commands attention and invokes conversations about black society: our families, relationships, surrounding communities and the nation as one.


The pieces you will experience are part of an evolving series that explores the diverse identities of African-American men and how those identities could be shaped. They contain messages about the journey of a black man and what he may encounter in defining himself in a society that seeks to define and generalize him for expediency with little consideration of his struggle, complexities, hardship and individual worth.


I employ photolithography to a balanced hand between art craft and digital art to create and produce my work.


For more information about the art you can contact us at https://brotherofmind.com/